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Dumber people have done it.

I'm a big believer in mantras. "Dumber people have done it", is one of my favorite mantras. This seems odd right? I know what you're probably thinking right now: "aren't mantras supposed to be all fluffy and positive and spiritual?" Well not necessarily. Sure some of them are beautiful spiritual phrases and some are single words that carry a significance to the person using them. But a mantra in its simplest form is a word or phrase that focuses and centers you and connects you to the world around you. So yeah 'dumber people have done it' is a mantra.

Now let me tell you about the origins of this mantra for me. I'm going to be pretty vague here as to not hurt the feelings of people I know that I have no idea if they do or do not read this blog. Anyways... a few years ago I was talking to my mom about someone we knew who was pregnant. It was a bit of a shock and I told my mom I was worried for the couple having the baby. She straight faced looked at me and said, "well, dumber people have done it." My mother is an incredibly wise woman and whether she knew it or not, that phrase became my mantra.

How in the world can I handle this job? Well, dumber people have done it. How can I be successful in business? Well, dumber people have done it. How am I ever going to be a good parent? Well, dumber people have done it. How am I going to finish college? Well, dumber people have done it.

Pretty much any difficult or daunting task you're facing, chances are dumber people have done it. Dumber people than you have chased their dreams or accomplished their goals. This isn't the most positive of mantras of course, but it sure can be helpful!


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