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Self-talk is genuinely one of the most important and powerful tools that we have. Self-talk is pretty self explanatory: it's the way we talk to ourselves in our own heads. Kind of trippy I know, but you've definitely done this. You know when you do something embarrassing and you tell yourself you're so stupid or you hope no one saw it? That's your self-talk. With my life coaching clients, I ask them to monitor and track their self-talk when they get to a certain stage in the program. We often find that we are ridiculously mean to ourselves.

Here's the thing, if we talked to our friends the way we talk to ourselves, we wouldn't have any friends left. The longest friendship you'll ever have is with yourself, so why not make it a good one?

Positive self-talk is absolutely a learned skill, and it takes a while to train yourself to be kinder to yourself. Here's another thing, strange as it sounds this voice inside your head is trying to help you! It's like if you were an important executive and you had this secretary who was constantly telling you all the things you had to do and giving you constant feedback and overwhelming you. Your secretary is just doing their job and trying to help right? Same with your brain. So when your mind is throwing some negative talk at you, talk back. Thank your brain for doing its job and ask it to be a little kinder. Train the voice in your head to cheer you on! And if you need some help with it, I am accepting life coaching clients and would love to help you train your brain to work for you. Much love!



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